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Remote Contract Node.js Software Architect at Twin Technologies, Inc.

Twin Technologies, Inc. (Baltimore, MD)
Freelance Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Job Description:

We are seeking a few good men and women to help build a “best of breed” eCommerce-centric CMS that supports the creation, maintenance, and rendering of responsive page content. This contract opportunity is slated initially for six to nine months — with an opportunity to extend itself based on need and performance. Our client is a top 200 Web Retailer that meets nine digit sales figures year over year. Your work will be visible and touched by customers worldwide.

Seeking a Node.js Software Architect

Are you an expert Node.js developer? Understand the inner-workings of the CMS domain? Have experience with large-scale / top eTailer? Know first-hand the difficulties and challenges associated with implementing responsive content for eCommerce? If you have obtained a level of mastery in Node.js, are obsessed with keeping up-to-date in the Node.js community, understand the “CMS and eCommerce” space, and have a track record of delivering scalable customer-facing solutions — then this opportunity may be perfect for you.

Be warned — this opportunity is not for the faint of heart — or novice Node.js developer (we are looking to do things with Node.js that a Padawan cannot do). If you have the experience and are looking for an aggressive “once in a career” challenge, then please reach out to us and express your interest.

What You Need for this Position

Our stack is Node.js, MongoDB, Memcached, and SQL Server so we prefer you to have experience with each of these technologies and problem domains.

1. Familiarity with high-scale server environments, including how to deal with production and staging deployment environments, architecting software and third-party systems for high-scale applications, and best practices around common deployment / operations concepts.
2. Node.js. You possess a deep understanding of core Node.js technologies — and can implement and support node modules in your sleep.
3. MongoDB and working with Mongodb Node.js driver and Mongo scripting shell.
4. Experience designing, implementing, and consuming REST APIs.
5. Service-oriented architectures (not necessarily via an ESB). We’ll be taking our legacy system’s core and refactoring it into services that can be leveraged by our new architecture. You should have some experience with this scenario.
6. Objective-C, Java, C#.NET, Go, Python and Scala are all bonuses. We don’t necessarily work with all these languages, but want people that have the drive, experience, and mindset to recognize when these languages should be used and why.
7. Demonstrate an understanding of complementary technologies that can be used to enhance application performance such as CDNs (akamai), stateless servers (nginx), cache stores (memcached / redis).

Key Qualities That You Possess

1. You aren’t just an amazing engineer; you’re an entrepreneur who loves to build things and talk to the people who use them. You want to build something amazing that people love to use every day.
2. You value customers and users — and know how to speak with them to get that little “extra” piece of information that can make a good solution great, and a great solution awesome.
3. You are not confined or limited in your technology choices and believe in using the right tool for the job. That being said, you have the passion and knowledge to engage in discussions about various tooling and technologies.
4. You see beauty in concise, intuitive APIs: RESTful, pragmatic, and predictable.
5. You know from experience what people mean when they say “simplicity is hard”, and would choose simple and elegant solutions over complicated and complex ones every day of the week.
6. You understand the challenges associated with solving responsive content problems — and know what questions to ask as well as what mistakes to avoid.
7. You are comfortable working with legacy systems, and have experience taking a measured approach to solving how legacy code and systems are refactored and replaced with something better and more maintainable.
8. Your front-end kung-fu will keep you safe in a dark alley.

Node & Software Engineering Experience

- 5-10+ years software engineering experience
- 1-2 years experience developing production Node.js applications
- Experience with deployment and monitoring of Node.js
- Working Familiarity with common Node.js modules
- Understanding of Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development in JavaScript
- Deep understanding of building REST APIs
- Experience working with relational (MSSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Couchbase) databases
- BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience

Javascript / Front-End Engineering Experience

- 4+ years Javascript / jQuery / CSS experience
- 2+ years SASS / LESS CSS experience
- Practical implementation experience with javascript frameworks (Backbone.js, Angular)
- Practical experience implementing responsive design (preferably with eCommerce)
- Familiarity with eCommerce user experience (UX) in a mobile / tablet setting

General Software Experience

- Strong software engineering & architecture fundamentals
- Familiarity with large-scale eCommerce applications
- Object-oriented programming and design including MVC
- Experience working on a Scrum team and use of Agile project tools
- Experience working on a high-traffic / customer-facing site
- Experience with wireframing / prototyping POCs

About You

- You have a “do whatever it takes” attitude
- You want to contribute within a fast-paced agile environment
- You exhibit “quality driven behavior” in how you work and communicate
- You excel at working with clients, customers, and within teams
- You have a desire to build “career-moving” applications
- You understand and respect that deadlines matter
- You have the humility to learn from your mistakes
- You live up to the commitments you make
- You can provide personal references that will vouch for you
- You can travel periodically to meet with team members

How to apply:

email to
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